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Serving others is my number one purpose life. Choose me work hard for you, to meet your expectations, and implement a solution that works. I want my business and my name to be known for honesty, quality, integrity, and professionalism. My success comes from touching the lives of others, and working hard to make a difference. Let me show you the difference that someone that loves helping others, and enjoys the art of upholstery can make.
I offer on-site/in-home service, during convenient times for you. I don't close shop at 5:00 PM or on Weekends. I'm available when you get home from work, and while you have the time. I will setup a time that's convenient for you and your schedule, and will be there at that time.
Growing Rays Upholstery Business
I started Rays Upholstery to mainly help some friends of the family, with a couple of chairs for their business. They needed to be reupholstered and I wanted them to have the ability to write the expense off on their taxes. I intend on helping every one of my customer the same way, just as I would my own family and friends. Having Rays Upholstery grow from referrals, and minimal advertising is a testament of the type of service I perform.

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